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Our relationship to Duncan Dance

Dance Visions NY has two priorities as a performing company. One of its missions is to preserve the integrity of the Duncan technique and aesthetic.

Beth Jucovy, Artistic Director, has studied the dance and the art of Isadora from early childhood with 2nd generation Duncan exponent Julia Levien. Beth also worked for several years as a child with 1st generation Duncan dancer, Anna Duncan, one of Isadora’s own “Isadorables.” She went on to study and perform with ballet, modern and jazz dance companies.

However Beth also continued to be immersed in the Duncan heritage and she joined the Isadora Duncan Commemorative Company in 1978. After living in Germany and Austria for two years teaching and performing Duncan dance as well as other styles, she returned to the US and continued to perform with the Commemorative Company and later many other NY based Duncan dance groups. In 1988–1990 she co-directed “Dances of Isadora” with Julie Finch, with Julia Levien and Hortense Kooluris as artistic advisors.

In 1990 Beth toured Israel teaching and presenting solo concerts. That same year she founded Dance Visions (now Dance Visions NY) to present the Duncan works purely as they were passed on to her by Julia Levien, Anna Duncan, Hortense Kooluris, Gemze Delappe and Ms. Jucovy’s sister, Adrienne Ramm.

Ms. Ramm — who remained solely a Duncan dancer throughout her career — was an original member of the Centenary Company and later the Commemorative company, a solo performer, co-director, teacher and advisor for many Duncan companies. She also helped Julia Levein and Hortense Kooluris record and promote their work. Ms. Ramm continues to work with Dance Visions NY.

The second misson of the company is the creation of new and original works. Works have been created by Ms Jucovy as well as other company dancers throughout the years. The works created by Ms Jucovy often stem from her immersion in the Duncan technique. Aspects of the Duncan tradition that are carried over into Ms. Jucovy’s original works include the particular musicality, the use of movement stemming from the center, the importance of dramatic quality, and the ebb and flow nature of movement. These original works also often incorporate contemporary tastes and notions of dance technique.

As a Duncan dance master who also is well-versed in ballet as well as modern and jazz dance, Beth’s original choreography demonstrates how these important Duncan dance basics can permeate contemporary dance creations.

Dance Visions NY aspires to continue the Duncan artistic legacy through the presentation of authentic works as passed on to Ms. Jucovy by her mentors as well as through presentation of original works, influenced by the Duncan aesthetic, that take on a different form in the modern world.

About Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan is known as the “mother of modern dance.” Learn about this dance pioneer's work, her influence, and Dance Visions NY's relationship to the Duncan technique and legacy: