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Reviews and Testimonials

Morning Afternoon Evening

There are times when performances cannot and should not be categorized. That is true for “Morning Afternoon Evening,” a beautifully conceived interdisciplinary work… What a journey this is and what a feat of interpretation!

Karen Bardash, NY Theatrewire

The various elements blend seamlessly, immersing the viewer….The complex, multi-layered, deeply human work must be experienced, not just seen. Highly recommended.

Cynthia Webb, Dance Enthusiast

  • Excellent!  Deep & emotional performance - great dancers, fabulous narrator,  music and of course the stirring epic poem.
  • Varied, emotional, and moving!
  • I loved this production.  I greatly enjoyed the coordination of music, dance and spoken word.... Movement, rhythm and speech were inextricably woven with supportive musical accompaniment, expressive choreography and powerful words.
  • Beautiful epic

Fringe Festival Comments

It was a delight to have your original work included in our La Belle Epoque exhibition and was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended. We hope we can have Dance Visions NY's talented artists back to perform again soon. Best wishes of success in travelling Morning, Afternoon, Evening to be enjoyed by even more people.

Noemi Fletcher, NCMA Education Dept

A collaboration between a mother and daughter is rare enough, and Beth Jucovy and her daughter Kyra Jucovy are inspirational together. Dance Vision NY blended Dance, Poetry, Music and Nature in a timely and relevant modern work....I felt myself being grateful for the opportunity to enjoy such a display of creativity and artistry.

Martha Theodos, Dance Enthusiast

StylePointe 2021

Collection: Betwixt and Between with designer Jingwen Xuan and choreographer Beth Jucovy, Dance Visions NY, was a romp of fun.

Catherine Tharin, Dance Enthusiast


The Fashion Goddess

Evening, the Film

Evening [the film] is beautifully done, and very poignant, it's so full of humanity...both the light and the darkness of life.

Philip Gardner, Blogger of Oberon's Grove

It's just there for you, like stream of consciousness...You are meant to realize that the poem is like a river that just keeps flowing until it reaches a natural end. The title says the project is a mosaic and that's what Jucovy delivers.

Barney Yates, Blogger, NY Theater Wire

From destruction comes rebirth. In the dark days of the global pandemic Dance Visions NY captures a unique moment in time..."Zoetropsis," [Evening]... inspires introspection and reverence for Life itself. For many of us this film will be a reminder of what we lived through in the years to come.

Martha Theodos

From this very deep and mystical poem, a stunning work of art was created.

Deborah Davis

Two Reviews by Leonard Lehrman on Soundwordsight.com of two of our programs from 2019 and write-up in Oberon’s Grove

Dance Visions NY presented a lovely afternoon at the Whitman Birthplace in Huntington, NY... built on the intersection of Whitman words and Isadora Duncan dances, including a fascinating piece of Soviet realism with1920s music by Michael Sheyne. ....Every minute of the event was enjoyable.


For “Take Root" at Greenspace, Dance Visions NY's Earth trilogy ".... both stirring and moving... a highlight was Jucovy’s gorgeous “Undine” solo with flowing rivulets on her dress...


"...Beth danced these solos in full performance mode, deeply involved and vibrantly expressive; it was so generous of her to share these unique works with us.”

From Write-up by Philip Gardner on “Oberon’s Grove” from rehearsal for “Sans Limites Festival 2019

Earth Trilogy and Delicate Web

"Beth Jucovy, brought life and purpose to the extraordinary dances....'Earth Trilogy' was insightful, poignant, timely and just plain important. Bravo to all involved!"

Martha Theodos

"dancers in collage
inspire timeless movement
dancing for the earth"

Susan Ruth Cohen

"I was truly touched and impacted by this work....this is a work of strong conviction, beautifully executed. The juxtaposition of the many pieces of music was haunting... All in all, the performance left me with strong emotions, with a glimpse of hope, which is in our hands."

Dorothy Reiser

Earlier Dance Visions NY Reviews

"Filled with colorful costumes, introspective narration, provocative visuals and a variety of music, spanning the last century from classical to blues." "incorporated long swatches of fabric...extending each movement into the infinite... creating a feeling of floating." [About Through the Portals]: "... a tour-de-force... it appeared as if they were arising from the art, becoming its living embodiment... creating chiaroscuro of movement."

Stephen Vrattos, Queens Courier, North Shore Towers, June 2018

The Alexandroff Ensemble’s Red Army Choir accompanies the evening’s most powerful dance with (Dance Visions NY's) “Varshavianca.” … When it was over, the woman on my right said incredulously to her companion, 'I’m crying' So was I.

Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat (From Isadora in the 21st Century program at the 92nd St Y with several Duncan dance companies)

"In a swirl of vivid tunics and Strauss music, the six women of Dance Visions NY breathed life into Isadora Duncan’s Roses from the South.... (recreation by Beth Jucovy)"

at Liberty Dance Festival Sept. 2018, Erin Bomboy, the Dance Enthusiast

This past October’s Danse Macabre event (10/30/2016), featuring Dance Visions NY, under the direction of Beth Jucovy, was a superb example of the integration of the arts and community which is manifest at Cedarmere, indoors and out. Ms. Jucovy is a greatly accomplished dancer and choreographer, who enthusiastically embraces the challenges of adapting her work and that of Isadora Duncan to whatever scale and material conditions exist. Her professionalism, and that of her entire company, makes for a joyful collaborative experience which strongly communicates to audiences. Cedarmere is still resonating from this mutually collective engagement, and will continue proudly and with keen interest to sponsor Dance Visions NY in its unique site-specific, multi-media intersections of place and performance.

Paul Baserman, Events Chair for The Friends of Cedarmere

Dance Visions NY transported everyone in Hempstead House back to the turn of the last century, when Isadora Duncan created new ways for dancers to move, new ways of telling stories through dance, new ways of interpreting femininity.I've seen many dance performances throughout my whole life, and this was one of the most enchanting experiences ever. Our thanks to choreographer Beth Jucovy - she preserves the legendary choreographer's [Isadora Duncan] work and creates her own extraordinary pieces with Isadora's inspiration.

Beth Horn, 7/16, Managing Director, Sands Point Preserve

...when danced with clarity, musicality, and conviction, as they were at this performance,(the works) are touching and exhilarating...Jucovy filled the unornamented movements with quiet intensity...(the dancers) bounded like racing does until falling to Earth after an excess of ecstasy.

Joseph Mazo, Newsday

Jucovy revives a lost art... (she) is an authority on Isadora Duncan's dances. (The dances) looked authentic and interesting.

Dora Sowden, Jerusalem Post

The opening "Three Graces" was impressively performed by Beth Jucovy, Julie Finch, and Adrienne Ramm. To Chopins' Preludes and Waltzes Jucovy and Ramm brought ardor, Jucovy being particularly lyrical in her soft balance, and gently jumped ballons. ...she danced with evident zest in Hortense Kooluris' Nell Gwyn Suite... Ramm had the look of the famous Walkowitz pen and ink drawings of Isadora in motion. She projected a joyousness in the simple skips, swirls and runs that effectively invoked the Duncan spirit.

Hillary Ostlere, Chelsea Clinton News

Through The Portals.... Beth Jucovy's choreography was inspired. Colors blending, separating, merging, twirling--having been a painter most of my life, it was as if I was watching paintings being created and dissolving and coming together again... I I could watch Through the Portals over and over...

Dorothy Reiser, The Dance Enthusiast

Thank you so much for the incredible performance of ColorSong Universe and Other Works at the Jericho Library on October 12th, 2014. The patrons were raving about the program. One woman said “The program was so special I could feel the colors come to life

Phylis Cox; Program Director Jericho Public Library

The program was just amazing. What creativity all around! The joy of seeing art in motion, music in motion was phenomenal. The event was beautiful, colorful, eventful, expansive

Mary Guariglia, Life Coach, Access Consciousness

A great Dance troupe called Dance Visions who re-created performances by Dance pioneers like Isadora Duncan. A complete smashing, sensual success.

Video Bloggers MarkandLynnearefamished

A program worth seeing is Dance Visions latest presentation of Color Song. Beth Jucovy’s choreograpy captures the magic of Susan Cohens book!

Marylyn Tobin Varraile, Composer/Song writer, Musical Theater Director

Thank you so much for the great performance. You, all your dancers, the pianists, all the performers were just wonderful! Congratulations!

Edie Kalickstein,Program Director, Long Beach Library

The [Colorsong] book comes alive with imagination, creativity and lots of wonderful choreography

Ken Grimball, News 12 Long Island

With the soothing sounds of the cascading waters of the Bethesda Fountain, the slow-moving ripples of the Central Park Lake and the nearly cloudless blue sky, Duncan herself must have given her blessing to the event.

Bonnie Rosenstock, Explore Dance: Duncan dances in Central Park

... Always so professional and innovative this particular program was even more beautiful. ... (Blurred Boundaries) touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I saw a few tears in the audience as well. The multi-media portion was exquisite and different....Shirley Romaine's narration brings it all together. The dancers are exceptional.

Phylis Cox, PR/ programming coordinator, Jericho Library

Regarding Summer Residency: performing "Dreamscape" at Long Island Children's Museum:

... the choreography was very accessible and often fun and playful/ the movement was beautiful and physically impressive. The pieces included many elements of dance... the dancers were of high caliber. They all had tremendous fun ,,, which certainly translated to the audience...

Jim Packard, Theater Manager Long Island Children's Museum

You did it again! Thank you so much for the beautiful performance at Jericho yesterday..., Your latest show, Dances of Nature/Dances of Interactions, was just incredible. The staging, costumes, choreography and precision of movement was just such a pleasure to watch... I love to hear the comments of the audience...."I'm so glad I came", "I was so surprised at how professional the dancing was", "Will you have them back again?". It makes me smile. It's always a wonderful day when you perform here.

Phylis Cox, PR/ programming coordinator, Jericho Library

The audience loved it!

Edie Kalickstein, Program Director, Long Beach Library

Regarding Summer Residency: performing Dances of Nature and dances of Interactions at Long Island Children's Museum:

... a wonderful collaboration… this Summer we worked [with Beth Jucovy and her dancers] on two wonderful programs which entailed more than 8 performances in 2 months. They were able to bring quality performances for a young audience and their parents and grandparents and introduced these people to artistic concepts, creation and interpretation of Modern Dance.

Jim Packard, Long Island Children’s Museum

I understand you got “rave “after “rave.” Thank you for the splendid program. You SOAR! A patron left a note saying “I found the Duncan program… mind boggling, wonderful, beautiful, upliftingingly rewarding

Edie Kalickstein, Program Director, Long Beach Library

OUTSTANDING! Some of the high school students came by my office to tell me that your program A world of Jazz was one of the nicest performances FOTAs(Friends of the Arts) brought to HVS…. THANK YOU

Jill Carroll, Principal, Henry Viscardi School

…Splendid performance of A World of Dance…you manage to educate us about modern dance – as you entertain. We come away from your programs wanting to see more – feeling enriched and so glad we came.

Edie Kalickstein, Program Director, Long Beach

I was even more impressed (if possible) than the last time you performed here. A World of Dance was exquisite. Everything was perfect...the music, choreography and the dancers. The company outdid themselves….… Not a person left…The patrons were delighted and so complimentary. One woman said “We don’t even have to go to Manhattan."

Phyllis L. Cox Programming, Jericho Public Library

I think you amazed our audience. they couldn't stop talking to me for several ays afterwards. I was amazed at how smoothly it all went. We never had so much going on in one performance... with something in it for everyone. I commend you for such an undertaking.

Nadine Connors, cultural programs. Hewlett Woodmere Public Library

The dancing was beautiful, the material interesting, and the connection with the audience immediate and palpable. It was clear form the children's faces and reactions that they were absorbed and fascinated by what they saw. the audience participation was done in a very meaningful way.

Toby Glickman, United Nations International school, Queens

Wonderful performance of Visionaries, Revolutionaries and Mavericks. Our audience clearly enjoyed... despite the bad weather nearly 200 people, young and old, attended.

Elizabeth Olesh, Port Washington Library Program Director

A beautifully performed program.

Philip Jackson, Queens Museum of Art

The audience was moved to tears by the performance, truly a beautiful experience for all.

Mary Jane Bolin, Nassau BOCES

I am proud to be associated with a program supporting such talent and beauty.

Joan Savary, NGA coordinator

Your program "Isadora" was truly divine... enchanting dancers, splendid musicians, enormously gifted Shirley romaine... our audience was totally charmed by all of you.

Aviva Crown, Cultural Programming specialist, Plainview Bethpage Library

From classical ballet to a diverse sampling of distinctive modern, mixed with a dollop of jazz... residents were treated to Dance with a capital D...The most amazing thing about this performance was the versatility of the dancers...The audience loved the finale- Passages which was fun and crescendoed into an upbeat hats-in-the-air ending. The program (Dance old and New ... the Spirit and the Passion) was a grand introduction (to dance).

Arlrne Saiki, Great Neck Record

Beth Jucovy

From performances with Downtown Ballet Company

Beth Rosenbluth (Jucovy) was the poignant antagonized protagonist to the life (about the piece "Julia de Burgos")

Bill Zakariasen, Daily News

Beth Jucovy was outstanding in a drama of Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos

Byron Belt, Long Island Press

Particularly good were Mecedes Lois, a Spanish dancer and Beth Jucovy, who had the title role.

Bob Micklin, Newsday

Everyone's heart was in the right place at the R. F. Kennedy Theater for children, where the Downtown Ballet Company opened a run...

Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

The dancers possess plenty of spirit and good humor which communicated well with the children in the audience.

Bill Zakarisen, Daily News

From performances with Ameridance International

...especially outstanding was Beth Jucovy, who possesses a dancing musicality and is a pleasure to watch.

Eva Fisher, Munich Mercur

The New Yorker, Beth Jucovy, shows in her solo 'I Hear a Symphony' illusions in grace and charm.

Hiel, South West Tagespost, Graz, Austria

From performances with Andrew Jannetti and Dancers

(About Nightshades)...a short but serene work that accented sustained balance well as exquisite nuance by the dancers ...( with Beth Jucovy)

Jennie Schulman, Backstage

(About the dancers) They are each expressive and strong as individual soloists and ensemble members... He's got a great team of dancers.

Jennings, Attitude

From Isadora Duncan dance concerts, including Beth Jucovy and Adrienne Ramm

Moments of great beauty- fluid bodies in silk tunics, fervent skippings and lovely supple arms.

Deborah Jowitt, the Village Voice

Highly successful... joyous, wonderfully wild nymphs.

Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

A rewarding program that touched the heart...showed remarkable grace in the nearly impossible haunting evocations they sustained...enthralling program.

Robert Kimball, New York Post

Full of delightful moments... These were wonderful images...like splendid Amazons asserting their power with spectacular leaps and bold stances... seemed to epitimize the spirit of Duncan, a fierce boldness of spirit and passionate surrendor to the senses.

Pikula, Dance Magazine

The choreography looked beautiful. These dances possess great choreographic integrity. Everything in them is emotionally and formally clear... when dancers marched exultantly they appeared to be gathering forces of light... one sensed the tides of the seas... Duncan possessed great formal powers. Her choreography still has impact... a celebration of hope.

Jack Anderson, The New York Times

(the five dancers) were as impressive as an entire corps de ballet,their kinetic flow recalling the simple yet miraculous rhythms of human breath... There several effective solos. In the 'Scriabin Etudes' Ms. Jucovy was tender as a mother, Ms. Ramm was impressive in Duncan,s portrait of a Revolutionary.

Jack Anderson, The New York Times

Joy, in the subtlest gradations, from tranquilty to abandon... the love and harmony of Duncan's work was everywhere present.

Marion Sawyer, Chelsea Clinton News

Memories of Isadora slid across the live action like transparencies across a screen.

Stephanie Woodward, Village Voice


Upcoming Events

Sundays at 5 Performance at Steppingstone Waterside Theatre

Sept. 4, 2022, 5 p.m.

Steppingstone Park, 38 Steppingstone Lane, Kings Point NY 11024

 We are excited to return to this beautiful outdoor theater overlooking the LI Sound! Our program will bring back favorites of Dance Visions NY and show some new work, all perfectly suited for this unique environment. This joyous and rich program celebrates nature and Life! It will also include musical pieces sung and played by rising talent Aerlie Deutscher. We are so excited to bring back DANCE to Steppingstone in 2022! If you would like to attend, please contact Beth at dancevisions.ny@gmail.com or 516 314 2359.

Ticket Info

Upcoming Classes! Summer Sessions

March 9, 2022, 11 a.m.

online: FROM YOUR HOME! AND Great Neck Continuing education, 30 Cumberland Rd. Great Neck, NY

Classes for Adults and teens online -  * Monthly Online Duncan based workshop for the body and soul! International participants encouraged. Also Bi-weekly classes of Body-Conditioning for well-being (based on the Nickolaus technique) (suggested  payments $10-$15).  Privates also available.

 Contact us at  516 314 2359 or dancevisions.ny@gmail.com

AND Great Neck Community ED classes offered in person including Fascia Stretch Class, Ballet, Classical/Creative/Duncan  and JAZZ! Summer session begins Jul 5. Registration is open!

See Great Neck Continuing Education 

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Past Events

Interdisciplinary Movement Art for 2022 at Hewlett-Woodmere Library


Morning Afternoon Evening brings to life imagery and ideas inherent in a lyrical and symbolic poem written by the creator’s daughter, Kyra Jucovy. Now with projected still and moving imagery! Straight from off-Broadway at the TADA! Theater (through Emerging Artist's Theater's New Work Series)  we are bringing this performance back to local audiences. With 8 Dance Visions NY company dancers and actor Tzena Nicole, this holistic work consists of poetry, dance, theater and now visual art.  It encompasses timeless and timely themes of destruction leading to creation, darkness to light, ending to beginnings. In addition the company will also perform a segment of authentic Isadora Duncan dances, repertory which seeds the choreography of Morning Afternoon Evening, and is accompanied with live music played by pianist Leonard Lehrman. For ticket info and reservations call: (516) 374-1967 ext 231  This program is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrant Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and is administered by The Huntington Arts Council, Inc. 

"Morning Afternoon Evening" at the TADA Theater!

Description: Morning Afternoon Evening will be presented off-Broadway! through the New Work Series of Emerging Artists Theatre now with new background still and moving imagery!  This work continues to evolve and continues to be so timely and relevant! Tickets are available now!

"Morning Afternoon Evening" brings to life the imagery and ideas expressed in a lyrical and symbolic poem written by the creators daughter. Depicting a journey following a river from its source in caves all the way to the mouth of the ocean, this thought-provoking piece illustrates the life cycle of an idea, an individual, a culture, humanity, a universe. With eight Dance Visions NY company dancers and an actor, it is a holistic artwork consisting of poetry, dance, theater, and (newly created) projected imagery, encompassing timeless and timely themes of destruction leading to creation, darkness to light, ending to beginnings.

Director/Choreographer/Imagery: Beth Jucovy
Poet: Kyra Jucovy
Actor: Tzena Nicole
Dancers: Eric Acevedo, Louisa Cathcart, Ligia Gaissionok, Chiemi Ip, Beth Jucovy, Rebekah Mulkey, Olivia Parente, Michelle Tilghman
Imagery Consultant: Anthony Pepitone
Stage Manager: Daisy Phillips

Interdisciplinary Movement Art for 2022


Morning Afternoon Evening brings to life imagery and ideas inherent in a lyrical and symbolic poem written by the creator’s daughter, Kyra Jucovy. For this program we are adding projected still and moving imagery! With 8 Dance Visions NY company dancers and actor Tzena Nicole, this holistic work consists of poetry, dance, theater and now visual art.  It encompasses timeless and timely themes of destruction leading to creation, darkness to light, ending to beginnings. After successful runs at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, at Dixon Place Theater in NYC and outdoor programs at historical sites on Long Island, we are bringing this work live to the Elmont Library where "Evening," the film, was shown in 2020. In addition The company will also perform a segment of authentic Isadora Duncan dances, repertory which seeds the choreography of Morning Afternoon Evening, and is accompanied with live music played by pianist Leonard Lehrman. This program is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrant Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and is administered by The Huntington Arts Council, Inc.

"Evening" (live) as part of Dixon Place's and Creative Performances'Dance Bloc festival!


"Evening" from "Morning Afternoon Evening" is a dance/theater/poetry artwork that illustrates the cyclic nature of so much of our world and has particular relevance today with its themes of destruction leading to creation, endings leading to beginnings and darkness leading to light. The work confronts global and personal trauma and shows a process of accessing the strength, resilience and engagement that potential healing requires. It is also a reaffirmation of the beauty inherent in our universe and a reminder that "the darker the night, the brighter the dawn"  Daisaku Ikeda 

For more info 
Ticket link

Morning, Afternoon, Evening at Nassau County Museum of Art


This inter-disciplinary work brings to life the ideas and imagery of an original lyrical, symbolic poem by Kyra Jucovy. This thought-provoking and holistic artwork tells the story of a journey, following a river from its source in caves all the way to the ocean. With Actor Tzena Nicole, in monologue, woven into the choreography danced by the company. The movement is sourced from Isadora Duncan Dance principles and repertory which is fully complementary to the poem. Performed outdoors on the beautiful grounds of the Nassau County Museum of Art!.  Click here to register and for further info .  Dance Visions NY is very grateful for any donation to the company  for this program, to support, please click here

This program is made possible  with funds from the Decentralization Program as well as the Restart NY Program,  both regrant programs of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, and administered by The Huntington Arts Council


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