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Eve Before Hallowe'en Event at Cedarmere

"Danse Macabre" An Eve' Before Hallowe'en Event at Cedarmere Under the Direction of Beth Jucovy, Dance Visions NY with Paul Baserman, The Friends of Cedarmere with choreography by Beth Jucovy and Isadora Duncan's: Orpheus in the Underworld Video by Anthony Pepitone, Sunday October 30, 2016 Dancers: Louisa Armstrong, Daniele Atkinson, Vanessa Ferranti, Forrest Hersey, Natalie Isaza Beth Jucovy, Laura Marciano, Adrienne Ramm Poetry read by Shirley Romaine Singers: Patti Dunham, John Brakatselos, Pianists: Paul Baserman, Mark Fiedler, Flutist: Sam Levine

When Nature Dances at Sands Point

Dance Visions NY in From when Nature Dances at Sands Point Preserve, July 2016 Isadora Duncan works and original works of Beth Jucovy Dancers: Louisa Armstrong, Danielle Atkinson, Anastasia Benedetti, Vanessa Ferranti, Forrest Hersey, Natalie Isaza, Beth Jucovy, Laura Marciano, Nichole Piacenza, Tess Ramos-Dries, Adrienne Ramm, Christina Stampolis, Rachel Wong, Sara Wong; Pianist: Mark Fiedler, Soprano: Patti Dunham Video by Anthony Pepitone

Danse Macabre

"Danse Macabre" segment from An Eve' Before Hallowe'en Event at Cedarmere Under the Direction of Beth Jucovy, Dance Visions NY, with Paul Baserman, The Friends of Cedarmere Video by Anthony Pepitone Sunday October 30, 2016 Danse Macabre Poem, Song and Dance from our Halloween concert event

MyLITV Zeus' Garden at Nassau County Museum of Art spotlight

On the grounds of the Nassau County Museum of Art, Dance Visions NY in MidSummer Magic: Zeus' Garden. Isadora Duncan repertory- dances of Greek mythology, classical art and nature staged by Beth Jucovy.

Excerpts from Through The Portals

Through the portals is a glimpse into a moment, a transient world of color and relationship- before it dissolves... The work depicts a world of matter and energy, symbolized through color. The colors individuate, interact and evolve. The piece utilizes artwork from Susan Ruth Cohen's Finding the Song as the backdrop and the portals. These excerpts were taken from the piece performed at Bryant Library Dec. 6, 2015.

Blurred Boundaries

Blurred Boundaries expresses responses to death as well as the concept of worlds and people existing on different planes. In this piece, the boundaries of these different worlds are blurred and parallels and connections between the worlds are sensed and finally realized.

Excerpts from The Divine Flame

Excerpts of dances from Dance Visions NY's program: The Divine Flame: the life times inspirations and dances of Isadora Duncan from performance at Jericho Library, January 2016.

Alone (do you hear us)

Alone (do you hear us) consists of 3 solos performed within spheres and orbits. Movement motifs and themes are shared but each has individualized variants. The music shares these concepts, with songs that are overlaid. The dancers each must hear their own music exclusively through the mix and the focus they must have in order to carry out their part is in fact a major theme of the piece.

ColorSong Universe: Stages

In a mini-universe of its own, colors and energy are let loose in a flurry of expression and movement. Sections include: Waves/Emerging, Strings/Bonding, Random/Locomoting, Disintegration and Aftermath.

Midsummer Night at Old Westbury

Dance Visions NY performs Isadora Duncan repertory for Old Westbury Gardens' Midsummer Night 2012. The works were individually staged for each garden and include repertory of mythology, classical art and nature

Isadora and the American Jewish Experience

From performance at Bethpage Library auditorium. Narration written by Shirley Romaine and Jon Jucovy. Also taken from interviews with Julia Levien, Anne Wilson Wangh and others. Dancers: Beth Jucovy with Gabrielle Gregory and student dancers.

Future/Past/Present excerpts

Excerpts from Future/Past/Present: Characters form the future embody seven present day women and experience their views and thoughts.

ColorSong Universe excerpts

Excerpts from ColorSong Universe. This multi-disciplinary work depicts a universe of matter and relationships; ranging from the cosmos to the subatomic. When a dancer flippantly disassembles a paper sculpture, havoc ensues. Colors and energy are let loose in a flurry of expression and movement.

The Alice Series from Dreamscape

Dance Visions in Dreamscape at the Long Island Children's Museum. This original full length work depicts glimpses into the dream state. The program depicts a night’s dreams and the performance flows as dreams do. This video is from 2nd dream series- Tidal waves into Alice in Wonderland.


Excerpts from a performance of Emergence. The work reflects the concept of systems that merge, break down and reform. This concept is illustrated with allusions to biology, physics and human society. This basic theme forms the structure of both the individual sections and also the work as a whole.

Shades of Blue

In this two-part work set to alternate versions of “St. Louis Woman,” a man leaves a woman for another, who betrays him in turn. In the first section three dancers, representing the woman he leaves, intimate a Greek chorus telling the story as they express her pain. As the piece builds dynamically in the second section, each character experiences a personal sense of loss. The second woman comes back, but no one cares; inevitably she is like the others. Ultimately everyone is alone.